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Build Your Career - Get the latest career development news, job listings, and education and job trends advice to help you navigate today's software engineering, computer architecture, information security and technology fields. (Twice Monthly)

Certification Connection - Keep up to date with fresh developments in the Computer Society's certification and training programs with this newsletter designed for current and future holders of the Certified Software Development Associate and Certified Software Development Professional credentials. (Monthly)

Computing Now - Be alerted when the latest multimedia, community-building tools, and peer-reviewed articles are posted to Computing Now, a website that aggregates content from the Computer Society's 13 technical magazines. (Twice Monthly)

Member Connection - Stay informed and involved with the CS Member Connection, designed to keep you up to date on member benefits, who's winning the awards, which standards are coming to fruition, what local chapters are planning, and what actions officers and executives are taking to improve the Society. (Monthly)

What's New in the CSDL - Be the first to know when new articles appear in the Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL) with this useful and user-friendly newsletter. Includes new articles from magazines, transactions, and conference proceedings. (Monthly)

Conference Connection - Stay abreast of all things relating to conferences - organizing, attending, sponsorship support, publishing, technical activities, IEEE policy changes, and industry trends - with this newsletter designed for conference organizers, attendees, and TC members. (Quarterly)

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