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Standard CS Membership

IEEE Computer Society is growing and changing, and we would like to give our members more benefits and more content than ever before. As a member, you can choose a package focused on your technical area and career goals.

With the Software and Systems option, you receive all the standard benefits of IEEE Computer Society membership plus a few additional benefits.

Standard Benefits

Software magazine

Additional Benefits

IEEE Software Digital Edition

This bimonthly magazine delivers reliable information and expert advice on software architecture, design, project management, quality, testing, functional and dynamic languages, agile processes, lean development, and great new tools.

Free Articles

Choose 12 articles from the Computer Society Digital Library, the most advanced research and information resource in the computer world.

Free Webinars

Select three webinars from the extensive selection offered by IEEE Computer Society, giving you access to industry leaders and cutting-edge topics such as "Conquer Complexity with Effective ALM and a Focus on Design."

Discounts on Training Courses

Computer Society members save significantly on eLearning courses specific to professionals working in the area of software and systems. Take a tutorial such as "Real-Time Computer Systems with Applications."


To receive the Software and Systems benefits package, please enter promotion code SOFT2015 in the Cart when you renew your Computer Society membership to take advantage of this offer.

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