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Driving and managing innovative mobile banking and Insurance applications
This webcast describes the key mobile opportunities for banks and insurance companies in developed and growth markets. You will see how IBM Rational has extended its integrated application lifecycle management capabilities to support bank and insurance organizations' enterprise mobile application development, in order to meet the strong customer demand for more sophisticated and integrated mobile banking / insurance capabilities.
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Accelerate development of mobile apps featuring Rational Application Developer and the WAS Liberty profile
Need to design, develop, and deploy web and mobile applications quickly and efficiently? Rational Application Developer (RAD) delivers a fully featured web & mobile development environment with a powerful page editor, mobile browser simulator, and all the tools you need to make high-quality applications quickly and easily.

RAD also introduced support for the WAS Liberty Profile, a lightweight and dynamic development environment for web, JPA, and OSGi applications. Tiny footprint, lightning fast server start, and dramatically simplified server configuration enables rapid development.

Don't take our word for it - see the tools and runtime in action in live demos during this indepth presentation.
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Delivering Mobile Applications Faster with Agile
This session will discuss the special characteristics of the mobile application development lifecycle and the challenges that they introduce, such as fragmentation, security concerns and importance of great user-experience. Then we will explore the best practices and capabilities from IBM that address these challenges. We will also introduce the "5 ALM Imperatives" that are crucial for you to take control of your development process and accelerate delivery of high quality mobile applications.
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Building Mobile Applications With Quality and Testing
For many applications, such as banking, insurance, and healthcare, safety and security concerns also need to be factored into the mobile application development. These security concerns significantly increase time and cost of development and deployment of the application. Today we will discuss ways to reduce the cost and complexity of testing mobile applications, and also examine how static and dynamic analysis of the applications can help to ensure data security and reliability.
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Ten answers about mobile app testing
Testing and quality management of mobile apps has evolved rapidly from testing approaches used in the past. In fact, it has created the next big frontier in improving testing efficiency and quality so those important and fit for purpose business apps can come to market quickly with great user experience, even though it may not be bug free. This paper thoughtfully explores, via a panel of experts answering a set of questions, the factors impacting mobile app testing and quality management. Try it now - IBM Mobile Quality Assurance open beta - It's free!
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Integrated Worklight with Rational Team Concert
A comprehensive solution to design and develop enterprise mobile applications.
Mobile "systems of interactions" driving business innovation
Across the globe, more people are using mobile devices, which are increasingly user-friendly and intuitive, as their primary means of obtaining information and requesting services over the internet. And most enterprises realize that the users of their business applications have shifted from traditional personal computers (desktops and laptops) to mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) as a means to access web-based information. This applies whether the intended user for the application is a direct customer, employee, or business partner.
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A Mobile Application Development Primer
Focuses on a comprehensive approach for development of mobile business applications. It combines best practices for collaborative software lifecycle management with newer requirements unique to the creation of mobile applications. It is intended to provide value for all of the roles involved in mobile enterprise business application development projects.
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IBM MobileFirst Brochure
Mobile is the primary means of interaction and communication between employers, customers, family and friends; 91 percent of mobile users keep their device within reach 100 percent of the time. These mobile interactions generate large amounts of data which, with the right analytics, can reveal facts about behavior and preferences that are otherwise impossible to learn.
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DevOps for Mobile – Challenges and Best Practices
Industries of all varieties have begun to realize that the target audiences for their business applications have shifted in massive numbers from the use of traditional personal computers, such as desktops and laptops, to using mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets for accessing the internet and for obtaining the information they seek. This applies if the intended audience for the application is a direct customer of the enterprise or if the targeted user is an employee or business partner. Across the globe, more people are now using mobile devices that they can carry with them wherever they go as their primary means of obtaining information and requesting services over the internet.
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IBM Worklight -- Hybrid Applications
Mobile application development is a huge opportunity for enterprises. The traditional challenge in mobile application development is making a choice between two good options -- Web Apps and Native Apps. Watch this video to learn how IBM Worklight allows you to unite these qualities with Hybrid App Development. For more information visit http://www.ibm.com/mobilefirst/us/en/
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IBM Worklight Studio 5.0 with Dojo
View this quick demonstration of creating a Dojo based hybrid application for the Apple iPhone.
Lifecycle management in mobile application development
Application lifecycle management (ALM) solutions, with collaborative capabilities, help align the development and delivery of mobile applications with business objectives, within budget and time constraints, while meeting customer needs.
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Recording a mobile app test using RTW
IBM® Rational® Test Workbench provides a comprehensive test automation solution for mobile applications, regression testing, integration technologies and performance and scalability testing. It helps you build intelligent and interconnected enterprise applications that can be deployed on traditional and cloud infrastructures. With Rational Test Workbench, you can significantly reduce test cycle times, moving integration testing earlier in the development lifecycle.
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Running a mobile app test using RTW
The mobile test capabilities of IBM Rational Test Workbench automate the creation, execution, and analysis of functional tests for mobile and web-based applications.
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Creating virtualized services for a mobile app using RIT
Rational Test Workbench is used to create functional and performance tests for SOA messaging systems to be run locally. The product is used to simulate virtualization reality, which is the ability to simulate services, without the actual service being run.
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Running virtualized services for a mobile app using RTVS
This guide for enterprise teams working on mobile applications explains the IBM approach to mobile application development, which exploits existing information and transaction systems for maximum speed to market and reuse of services.
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Setting up a mobile app test using RQM
IBM® Rational® Quality Manager is a collaborative hub for business-driven software and systems quality across virtually any platform and type of testing. This software helps teams share information seamlessly, use automation to accelerate project schedules and report on metrics for informed release decisions.
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Putting it together: Running a mobile app test against virtualized services for a mobile app using RQM, RTW, RTVS
Run the test using the Rational Test Workbench suite of tools.
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Overview of Mobile Test Automation for Android Apps
IBM Rational Test Workbench: mobile application testing solution for Android OS Applications.
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Overview of Mobile Test Automation for iOS Apps
This video provides a great over view of mobile application testing solutions for IOS devices provided by IBM Rational Software.
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Bridge Mainframe and Mobile Application Development with the IBM Integrated Solution for System z Development and Worklight
Enterprises can extend the reach of IBM System z applications by combining the IBM Integrated Solution for System z Development with the IBM Worklight technology. These solutions combine a collaborative development environment and a mobile application development platform.
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