Technical Committees

Task Force on Game Technology
The Task Force on Game Technology provides a forum for open discussion on Game Technology.

Technical Committee on Simulation
The TC on Simulation (TCSIM) promotes all aspects of research, development, methodologies, and applications of mathematical modeling, and analog and digital computer simulation. The TC organizes technical sessions at Computer Society conferences and cosponsors the annual Symposium on the Simulation of Computer Networks and the Winter Simulation Conference.


Standards Committees

Game Technology Standards Study Group



Simulation Interoperability Organization/SAC
The Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) is an international organization dedicated to the promotion of modeling and simulation interoperability and reuse for the benefit of a broad range of M&S communities. SISO's Conference Committee organizes Simulation Interoperability Workshops (SIWs) in the US and Europe. SISO's Standards Activity Committee develops and supports simulation interoperability standards, both independently and in conjunction with other organizations. SISO is recognized as a Standards Development Organization (SDO) by NATO and as a Standards Sponsor by IEEE. In addition, SISO is a Category C Liaison Organization with ISO/IEC (JTC 1) for the development of standards for the representation and interchange of data regarding Synthetic Environment Data Representation and Interchange Specification (SEDRIS).


External Websites

CALT Encyclopedia - serious games
EIS Simulation Game. The EIS Simulation is a change management simulation designed at INSEAD, by CALT:About (Centre for Advanced Learning Technologies)
Interactive Software and Game Techniques to Enhance Teaching and Learning
North American Simulation and Gaming Association
The North American Simulation and Gaming Association (NASAGA) is a network of professionals working on the design, implementation, and evaluation of games and simulations to improve learning results in all types of organizations.
Game Research and Technology
General resources for game research and technology.
RolePlay Simulation for Teaching and Learning
Role Play Simulation Generator.





IEEE Readynotes

A Survey of 3D Graphics Software Tools
This ReadyNote is a survey of existing 3D tools. It concisely introduces the visual technologies and categorizes 3D tools and their major applications. It describes different means and application areas for each tool, and helps reader to use visual technologies to complement their work. Author Jim X. Chen selected these 3D tools from an exhaustive online search and has included a comprehensive list of 3D tools with online information in the appendix.



Simulation Validation A Confidence Assessment Methodology
The book concentrates on the differentiation between the assessment of a simulation tool and the verification and validation of general software products. It is a systematic, procedural, practical guide that you can use to enhance the credibility of your simulation models. In addition, it is a valuable reference book and a road map for software developers and quality assurance experts, or as a text for simulation methodology and software engineering courses.