IEEE MultiMedia magazine dingbat logoSocial Multimedia and Storytelling: Using Social Media to Capture, Mine, and Recreate Experiences, Events, and Places

Submission deadline: 20 July 2014
Publication: July–Sept. 2015

The pervasive use of media capturing devices and the wide adoption of online social networking platforms have led to the proliferation of online content captured at places (such as landmarks and points of interest) and events (ranging from live concerts to demonstrations). Such content holds great potential for deriving richer representations of the depicted places and events. This is not only due to the abundance of diverse multimedia content, but also due to the availability of a large variety of contextual information, ranging from location metadata and textual descriptions to online interactions and user feedback (for example, in the form of ratings). Therefore, leveraging social multimedia content and its surrounding context offers ample opportunities for better understanding and capturing the real world and for building innovative and engaging applications. However, the uncontrolled nature of user-contributed content and the complexity of the social media lifecycle raise significant research challenges related both to the effective collection, mining, and indexing of social multimedia and to their combination, creative reuse, and presentation.

The objective of this special issue is to revisit how social multimedia is transforming the way multimedia content is captured, shared, and made available to others. In particular, we are interested on the different stages of the lifecycle of the social multimedia content — from the moment something is captured, through its online sharing, collection, and processing to its remixing, repurposing, retrieval, and presentation. The nexus of all these stages is the relation of the content with user experiences, real-world places, and events. This special issue aims to cover multidisciplinary works that congregate around places, activities, and people.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

  • place- and event-centric social multimedia discovery and collection;
  • social event detection;
  • real-world place and event mining and analytics;
  • place and event summarization through social content;
  • social network and interaction analysis around places and events;
  • social media content geotagging and applications;
  • dynamic image and video mash-ups on real-world places and events;
  • social media visualization and aggregation of places and events;
  • event- and location-based storytelling using social media;
  • interactive social media applications;
  • sentiment and engagement analysis using social media.

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