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>> Computing Conversations rss icon

This podcast, based on the column of the same name in Computer, is dedicated to meeting and talking to people who range from the early pioneers of computing to current visionaries.

>> Tools of the Trade rss icon

Exploring the interplay between you, the software practitioner, and the tools you apply to your development problems.

>> On Computing with Grady Booch rss icon

Discussions about computing's impact on humanity.

>> Silver Bullet Security Podcast with Gary McGraw rss icon

Lessons from security and privacy luminaries.

>> Computing and the Law rss icon

Legal issues and topics for computing professionals.

>> Forward Slash rss icon

Profiles in the lives, trials, and accomplishments of the rising generation of computing professionals.

>> Computing Now News Podcast rss icon

The most important and interesting topics from industry and research, taken from the pages of IEEE Computer Society publications.

>> Software Requirements Talk rss icon

The podcast version of IEEE Software magazine's Requirements department, helmed by Jane Cleland-Huang who reads what appeared in print for your listening pleasure.

>> Micro Economics rss icon

Shane Greenstein focuses on many topics, including Internet adoption by households and businesses, growth of commercial Internet access networks, the industrial economics of platforms, and changes in communications policy.


>> On Architecture with Grady Booch rss icon

Discussions on software architecture and engineering.

>> 'Doc' List On Software Trends rss icon

Doc explores the changes and evolution that are occurring in the world of software and application development, deployment, and delivery.

>> The Functional Web with Steve Vinoski rss icon

Functional programming languages and their applications.

>> The Known World rss icon

The ideas, the culture, and the stories of the digital age.

>> Computing Lives rss icon

Perspectives on computing history.

>> IEEE Focus on Computer News rss icon

Developments and trends in the computer industry.

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>> Genevieve Bell on Pervasive Computing

IEEE Pervasive Computing spoke with Genevieve Bell, director of Intel's Interaction and Experience Research Lab and an Intel Fellow, at workshop at Intel. The discussion ranged widely, touching on Bell's role within Intel, "feral" technology, the mobile web, and how we can't imagine the future of technology without bringing the legacy of the past with us.

>> Trend Wars

Computing Now editor Dejan Milojicic conducts interviews on controversial topics.

>> Partha Ranganathan

Partha Ranganathan talks about challenges and opportunities for the exascale era.

>> Craig Barrett

Intel chair Craig Barrett discusses industry challenges, the Focus Center Research Program, his career, and more.

>> Niklaus Wirth

Computer science luminary Niklaus Wirth discusses his career and experiences.

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>> The CS Show - Episode 1: Software Testing at Star West

In the inaugural episode, the CS Show team sets out to find out if Google's testers will still have a job, whether cloud-based solutions are right for small enterprises, and what eBay and salesforce.com can tell us about software testing.

>> Leonardo Chiariglione

Computing Now Associate Editor Christian Timmerer interviews Leonardo Chiariglione, convenor of the MPEG standard. Their discussion ranged widely, from looking back at the creation of the MPEG to the impact of the MP3 format to social networking.

>> From IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications: Making of WALL•E

These video clips from the making of the feature animated film WALL•E demonstrate aspects of the technology used to create its crowd animation.

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>> Lifecycle Solutions for Embedded Systems Development

Learn new ideas to help your organization improve the process of developing and bringing complex and embedded systems to market while differentiating your organization from your competitors.

>> Agile Model-Driven Development

Stephen J. Mellor describes the construction of executable UML models and translation rules that map models onto multiple platforms and implementations.

>> Advanced Agile: Beyond the Low Hanging Fruit

Mary Poppendieck discusses agile software development.

>> Building Smarter Products: A new approach to conducting system engineering trade studies

Dr. Graham Bleakley, a principal consultant in IBM Rational, presents a webcast on conducting software engineering trade studies.

>> Software G Forces: The Effects of Acceleration

Kent Beck, founder and director of Three Rivers Institute (TRI), presents a talk on sketch quarterly deployment, monthly deployment, weekly deployment, daily deployment, and hourly deployment, including the technical, social, and business implications.

>> Right-Sizing Agile Development

Development methodologies expert Steve McConnell dissects agile development.

>> Standardizing Your Software Process Improvement Initiatives

IEEE Computer Society President Susan K. (Kathy) Land discusses how standards can help improve the software development process.

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