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Submission deadline: 1 October 2013
Publication: May/June 2014

We're soliciting articles covering all areas of mobile banking, including mobile payments, transfers, and other online banking services on personal mobile devices. We're looking for high-quality contributions from industry and academia that address the opportunity, challenges, and successes of mobile banking. Suggested topics include

  • market drivers for mobile banking;
  • technical issues for mobile banking;
  • platform considerations (phone vs. tablet vs. laptop) in mobile banking application design;
  • security and data privacy in mobile banking;
  • implementation of location, presence, and context in mobile banking;
  • user experience design for mobile banking applications;
  • consumer and financial institution acceptance of mobile banking;
  • international models for mobile banking;
  • relationship of mobile banking to customer acquisition and retention;
  • mobile banking technologies in developed vs. less developed economies;
  • transaction models for mobile banking;
  • traditional vs. nontraditional mobile payment systems;
  • mobile commerce applications and Web development strategies; and
  • technical and security issues for mobile payments and wallets.

Submission Information

Feature articles should be no longer than 4,200 words (with tables and figures counting as 300 words). Illustrations are welcome. For detailed author guidelines, see

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