Ambient Assisted Living

July/August 2015

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The guest editors of this special issue on ambient assisted living discuss the field in general and the articles they have selected to represent it in particular. Read full article »

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Articles from IEEE Intelligent Systems

Principles for human-centered interaction design, Part 2: Can humans and machines think together

Principles for Human-centered Interaction Design, Part 2: Can Humans and Machines Think Together?

This column introduces the Network Observatory, a human-centered cyber sense-making system, and discusses the visual and sensemaking design principles employed therein. Read full article »

Crystal Balls, Statistics, Big Data, and Psychohistory: Predictive Analytics and Beyond

Crystal Balls, Statistics, Big Data, and Psychohistory: Predictive Analytics and Beyond

Big data-driven predictive analytics holds huge potentials for humanity at large. Read full article »


Call for Nominations — AI's 10 To Watch

AI's 10 to Watch

IEEE Intelligent Systems will once again be selecting 10 young AI scientists to feature as "AI's 10 to Watch" in an upcoming issue. See 2013's Class »

To submit nominations, please email IEEE Intelligent Systems' Editor in Chief, Daniel Zeng, with the names, affiliations, and web page URLs of the nominated candidates, along with a short paragraph explaining why they should be considered young stars in the field. The nominees must have received their Ph.D. degrees in the past five years (Jan. 2010–Dec. 2014). Nominations are due by March 25, 2015.