IC bugWeb and Social Graph Mining

Final submissions due: 4 February 2014
Publication issue: September/October 2014

Please email the guest editors a brief description of the article you plan to submit by 15 December 2013
Guest Editors: Paulo Boldi, Stefano Leonardi, Michalis Vazirgiannis, and Cecilia Mascolo (ic5-2014@computer.org).

The ever-evolving universe of social networks offers new tools to improve users' experience and facilitate their communication. This evolution presents opportunities and challenges for data miners, with further pressure to provide approaches that are suitable at the big data scale and in highly dynamic contexts. Moreover, besides pure graph mining, the need to consider other attributes on vertices and edges (query text, tweets, messages, event cascades, and so on) is becoming more and more common. Aspects related to these graphs' temporal as well as spatial aspects are also becoming pivotal.

This special issue will present recent results both at the methodological level and on the application side, with a twofold aim: to allow researchers to share their experience in this new and multifaceted field, and to help industry in its efforts to provide new social networking applications for users. The issue will focus on methods and algorithms for mining and their applications. Topics include

  • models of graph representation in the context of big data;
  • mixed textual and graph mining on a large scale;
  • graph-based representations for large-scale text repertoires;
  • application of graph search for general information retrieval;
  • graphs for query-log mining and their applications;
  • distributed and scalable graph mining algorithms;
  • large-scale graph mining techniques;
  • anonymity and privacy preservation;
  • community detection and evaluation algorithms and metrics;
  • dynamic evolution of phenomena on social networks;
  • spatio-temporal aspects of big data modeling and mining;
  • dynamic ad hoc networks of mobile users; and
  • link prediction on dynamic graphs for mobile applications.

Editors' note: We encourage submissions from both academic and industrial practitioners, especially as they pertain to open source tools or products, but content must have technical merit, not be an advertisement.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be original manuscripts of fewer than 5,000 words, focused on Internet technologies and implementations. All manuscripts are subject to peer review on both technical merit and relevance to IC's international readership—primarily practicing engineers and academics who are looking for material that introduces new technology and broadens familiarity with current topics. We do not accept white papers, and we discourage strictly theoretical or mathematical papers. To submit a manuscript, please log on to ScholarOne (https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com:443/ic-cs) to create or access an account, which you can use to log on to IC's Author Center and upload your submission.


Contact Guest Editors: Paulo Boldi, Stefano Leonardi, Michalis Vazirgiannis, and Cecilia Mascolo (ic5-2014@computer.org)