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Steganography Approach Hides Messages in IP Phone Calls

Scientists have developed a way to hide data in voice-over-IP packets, letting people secretly send information to others during phone calls.


Technology-Augmented Insects Could Respond to Disasters

A team of scientists is working on a technique that could enable insects to function as first responders to disasters and various hazardous situations.


Privacy Controversy Flares over Software on Mobile Phones

An application on many smartphones that allegedly captures information about users has caused a storm of controversy.


Japanese Company Unveils Tiny, Ultrafast Wireless Chip

A company has designed a tiny, inexpensive chip that can wirelessly transmit signals at high speeds.


Scientists Use Computers to Crack Old, Encrypted German Document

Researchers used computer analysis, machine translation, and other technologies to crack a mysterious encrypted 18th-century document.

Researchers Launch Full-Court Press to Find Problems with Industrial-Control Systems

Hackers and security researchers are increasing efforts to find problems with critical industrial-control systems.


Braille Writer Promises to Help the Blind Communicate

Researchers have developed a Braille reader that doesn’t require blind users to find keys on a virtual keyboard on a flat touchscreen.


Serious Security Flaws Identified in Cloud Systems

German researchers have found serious security problems with two cloud systems and say these flaws probably exist in other cloud architectures.


Securing Implanted Medical Devices from Hacking

Researchers have developed a system designed to prevent hackers from attacking implantable medical devices such as heart pacemakers


New Transistor Could Let Devices Interact Directly with Living Things

University of Washington scientists have built a transistor that uses protons to send information, potentially enabling devices that could communicate with living things.


Scientists Unveil Haptic Pedestrian Navigation System

Researchers have developed a pedestrian navigation system that uses haptics.


New Technique Doubles Mobile-Network Throughput

Researchers have developed a new full-duplex wireless technology that could double network throughput inexpensively.


System Identifies User Location without GPS or Wi-Fi

A new product determines a mobile user’s location without GPS or Wi-Fi.


Researchers Develop Electronic ‘Tattoo’ for Health Monitoring

Engineers have developed flexible circuitry that can be mounted on a user’s skin to perform tasks such as health monitoring.


IBM and 3M Will Develop Adhesives for Building Powerful Multilayer Chips

IBM and 3M have announced plans to jointly design adhesives that could enable the stacking of 100 chips, thereby enabling ultrafast processors.


MIT Microchips Could Revolutionize Healthcare

MIT researchers are developing energy-efficient microchips that could operate within wearable or implantable devices that monitor medical patient for health problems. /p>


McAfee: Massive Cyberattack Targeted US and Others

Security vendor McAfee has identified a major multiyear cyberspying campaign against the US and numerous other countries, as well as about 70 corporations and organizations. /p>


First Smart Grid Standards Approved

A group representing companies and government agencies has approved the first smart grid standards. /p>


Antennas Use Plasma to Make Wireless Networks Faster

A new type of antenna uses plasma to focus radio waves and enable ultrafast wireless networks./p>


MIT Develops Network-Intrusion Recovery System

MIT researchers have developed a system that promises to make it easier for systems to recover from security breaches.


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