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Hidden Wealth
3/19/10 1:49 PM
In July 2009 the The Royal Society published a paper entitled "Hidden wealth: the contribution of science to service sectorinnovation."

It is very related to this discussion skills.

A description of the work and links to the paper can be found at:

RE: Hidden Wealth
3/25/10 2:48 PM as a reply to Nicholas Bowen.
There are a few different takes on "Services" here, and IT professionals will need to pay attention to which one is being addressed.
-- IT can and is making significant improvements in the services industry ... I understand that some McDonald's have remote folks
doing the order taking at drive-thru points, allowing local folks to handle the fulfillment.

-- Much of the evolution of the computing world outlined in your article is based on the question "where do we put this function?"
so all on the mainframe, then some on the mini, then onto the micro; but now on the web, but not in just one site/server on the web.
SOA - service oriented architecture is a current approach to facilitating the division of services among various sources, avoiding
duplication, etc.

-- While in Japan, one of the queries i had was how the Computer Society could help industry understand new business models,
including the services business .... with data centers perhaps drifting into cloud computing, service business models are important.

All of these are very real aspects of the cross connection between "Services" and "IT" ..