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Some ideas

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Some ideas
11/27/12 9:43 AM
I like what sustainable computing did. I think once we have the graphics we want in our newsletter and flyer, we can use those same graphics in the web site for members. I also think we should set up a facebook and linkedin site as soon as we are able to accept new members.

We would want to update both sites with any new content we have weekly at least. Irena - I could do this if you want. I could also work with the IEEE to set up the member site (or do they do that?).

I have web site design experience.

We might also want to start a blog we can post our own writings and experience with cloud.

A wiki might be good as well - to define all the various cloud products out there. The field is changing so fast we may want to open this WIKI up to all members to modify.
RE: Some ideas
11/28/12 3:17 AM as a reply to Christine Miyachi.
All this sounds great, Chris. We can start creating the accounts, once we make sure all here is clearly stated and agreed on by the group:

CS staff is working on the JOIN button.

It will be great if we could improve the look and feel of the pages on this website. I will open a new discussion about this.
RE: Some ideas
11/30/12 1:12 PM as a reply to Christine Miyachi.
Good to hear that you have some web design experience! The BOK group could use help. We want to create teh BOK as a wiki. We would seed it with initial categories for content and fill in starter material. Once it is established and usab le, we would wnat to develop a means for others to add info. Have you figured out how to use LifeRay's wiki app?
Chuck Walrad