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New events at CC conferences

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New events at CC conferences
10/10/12 7:27 AM
From San:

Here are my initial inputs:

A. Choose a few key conferences primarily focussed on ‘computing’ aspects in different regions and focus our current attention on them

Have a Town Hall session – Brief presentation on What IEEE CS CC STC is and its goals, work under progress, and what is planned for the near term

Seek feedback, suggestions on what CC STC could do
Seek volunteer for key areas of work or with specific expertise

B. Other conferences:

Prepare a good promotional slide presentation with voice over, or a good video (10-15 min), explaining CC STC and it activities, and seeking participants input, in any, (to be communicated to a given email address). We can ask the conference organisers of each conference to play this at the conference.

Later, once CC STC work has progressed, say from mid 2013 or 2014, at conferences we can have briefing session outlining details of work that has been completed, and seek feedback.

Conference organisers would anyway have panel session on subject matters. We can ask organisers to feedback us any significant input from the panel that would of be interest to CC STC.

I don’t think CC STC sponsoring reception at conferences at this stage would be of much value. We can start promoting CC STC, seel volunteers and feedback on our activities through A) and emoticon, and online.