Info for MVP Candidates

Thanks for volunteering as a MVP Candidate!

You'll need an abstract and bio to send to the Chapter Chair.  You'll help the Chapter Chair the most if you have it in a form that they can easily turn into a meeting announcement.

You can find a Chapter near your destination by looking at: .  Please  CC on your message to the Chapter Chair.  We do our best to keep the Chapter Officer information up to date and will handle the unusual situations.

The Society gives you a 25% reduction off your CS renewal for the next year as a thank you for your effort.  The MVP requires that the Chapter Chair get approval from (Jim Ziobro and Joe Yew Tham).  It is our only financial control on the program.

Most Chapter Chairs are really great hosts.  We sincerely hope you have a positive experience with your presentation.  We will follow up with the Chapter Chair after your presentation.  We are looking for recommendations for the CS Distinguished Visitor Program.