Guide to the Information Technology Body of Knowledge

Preliminary Call for Participation

Contributing Authors


The IEEE Computer Society is now accepting a first round of applications for contributing authors for the Guide to the Information Technology Body of Knowledge (ITBOK Guide).

The purpose of the ITBOK Guide is to provide guidance to practitioners in Information Technology organizations that covers, in general, the activities performed to deliver information services to a larger organization. This is often referred to in the media as "Enterprise IT." This effort is being conducted in parallel with development of an IT Competency Model based on the Skills Framework for the Information Age. These two complementary efforts will provide a way forward for designing potential career paths of professionals in IT.

This development initiative requires an extended and intensive commitment in time and effort from the contributing authors, from the development of the chapters in the ITBOK Guide to the review of other authors' chapters and adjudication of key recommendations for changes and updates. Involvement may require participation on weekdays, evenings, and/or weekends. Time commitments vary from several hours per week to a few hours per month over a period of 12+ months. The development timeline may require bursts of heavy involvement and periods of little to no involvement.

Criteria for selection includes:

Skills and Competencies

  • Commitment to this project
  • Fluent in English (both written and oral)
  • Strong writing skills (although contributions will be professionally edited)
  • Strong team collaboration and communication skills
  • Some knowledge of relevant industry standards, such as ITIL or COBIT
  • Thorough understanding of Information Technology organizations and the services they provide


  • Hands-on experience as an IT practitioner, or academic experience supplemented with hands-on experience in industry
  • Experience in medium-to-large IT organizations (35-100+ people)
  • Experience managing an IT function for at least five years
  • Experience with standards development processes (preferred but not necessary)

Personality Traits

  • A desire to act in the best interest of the Computer Society, its partners, and the ITBOK Guide team
  • A desire to help advance the profession of Information Technology
  • Strong management skills with an inclusive management style
  • Willingness to accept ownership of results
  • Willingness to share, collaborate, and work toward creating acceptable consensus positions


  • Must be available for regularly scheduled teleconference meetings
  • Must have consistent/reliable access to telephone, email, and the internet
  • Volunteers must complete, sign, and return the author team on-boarding documents including an assignment of copyright and conflict of interest statement before beginning their participation.


  • Volunteer members will report to the project Chair and core author team, who in turn will report to the Computer Society sponsor.

To express your interest in serving as a contributing author, please contact by April 18, 2013 and attach your résumé (MSWord format preferred) to demonstrate that you meet the above qualifications.

If you are selected as a contributing author, you will be contacted in early May to confirm your appointment to the project team and be notified of the specifics (date/location) of the contributing author orientation teleconference.

If you are not selected as a contributing author, please indicate if you would be willing to serve as a technical contributor or as a member of the subject matter expert review team, if asked.

Preliminary ITBOK Topics

1: Introduction to Enterprise IT

2: Forecasting the Need for Change

3: Planning for Change

4: Acquiring and Integrating

(Vendor selection and vendor management/controls)

5: Building and Integrating

6: Assuring Solution Quality

7: Transitioning

(Delivery and deployment)

8: Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

9: Maintaining Currency


10: Supporting Users

11: Retirement and Replacement

(Withdrawing solutions from use)

12. Related and Informing Disciplines

About the ITBOK Guide


The IEEE Computer Society is beginning work on a Guide to the Information Technology Body of Knowledge (ITBOK Guide), intended to provide a basis for a common international understanding of the professions needed to create and maintain a successful IT organization, as well as a common language to facilitate communication between IT professionals and with individuals in the organizations that IT serves. This Guide will also serve as a basis for vendor-neutral education and certification to facilitate the professionalization of the IT community and the better performance of IT organizations across geographic boundaries.

Given the pervasiveness of IT in all aspects of business, the market is looking for independent assessments of what an IT professional should know and be capable of, and the IEEE CS is working to meet that need. We recognize that professional organizations already exist in certain specialized areas of IT, such as Business Analysis and Business Architecture. We are actively engaging with those organizations so as to provide a common bridge for them.

The participation of leading professional societies with members working in key areas of information technology (specifically, "Enterprise IT") in our ITBOK effort will be very valuable in ensuring the high technical merit and global applicability of the ITBOK document as it progresses through its development.