Past recipients for Technical Achievement Award

2014 Kevin Bowyer For pioneering contributions to the science and engineering of biometrics.
2014 W. Bruce Croft For outstanding contributions to information retrieval and the development of search engines.
2014 Srinivas Devadas For pioneering work in secure hardware, including the invention of Physical Unclonable Functions and single-chip secure processor architectures.
2014 Pedro F. Felzenszwalb For the deformable parts model method of detecting objects in images and video.
2014 Albert Y. Zomaya For outstanding contributions to the solution of scheduling problems in parallel and distributed computing systems.
2013 Jan Camenisch For pioneering theoretical work on privacy-enhancing cryptographic protocols and leadership in their practical realization.
2013 Virgil D. Gligor For pioneering work and leadership in the area of computer and network security.
2013 Kian-Lee Tan For technical achievements in advanced query processing in database systems.
2013 Eva Tardos For contributions to algorithmic game theory, particularly her seminal work on selfish routing.
2013 Philip S. Yu For pioneering and fundamentally innovative contributions to the scalable indexing, querying, searching, mining and anonymization of big data.
2012 Michael Franz For pioneering contributions to just-in-time compilation and optimization, significantly advancing web application technology.
2012 Ling Liu For pioneering contributions to novel internet data management and decentralized trust management.
2012 Klara Nahrstedt For pioneering contributions to end-to-end quality of service and resource management in wired and wireless networks.
2012 Mei-Ling Shyu For pioneering contributions to multimedia data mining, management and retrieval.
2012 Xindong Wu For pioneering contributions to data mining and applications.
2011 Johannes Gehrke For pioneering contributions to novel data mining and distributed query processing techniques.
2011 Ronald Fagin For pioneering contributions to the theory of rank and score aggregation.
2011 Liang-Jie Zhang For pioneering contributions to application design techniques in services computing.
2011 Frederica Darema For pioneering contributions to novel techniques for complex systems modeling and simulation.
2011 Jose Garcia-Luna-Aceves For pioneering contributions to the theory and design of communication protocols for ad-hoc wireless networks.
2010 Tyrone Grandison For pioneering contributions to Secure and Private Data Management.
2010 Ashok N. Srivastava For pioneering contributions to Intelligent Information Systems.
2010 Hong-Jiang Zhang For pioneering contributions to Multimedia Content Analysis Systems.
2010 Venu Govindaraju For pioneering contributions to Biometrics Systems.
2010 Eunice Santos For pioneering contributions to Computational Social Network Systems.
2009 Elena Ferrari For pioneering contributions to Secure Data Management.
2009 John S. Bay For pioneering contributions to Embedded Systems.
2009 Sajal K. Das For pioneering contributions to Sensor Networks.
2009 Timothy W. Finin For pioneering contributions to Distributed Intelligence Systems.
2008 Ophir Frieder For pioneering development of Scalable Information Systems.
2008 Rama Chellapa For fundamental and pioneering contributions to face and human motion modeling and recognition from still images and video sequences.
2008 Kishore S. Trivedi For pioneering contributions to the understanding of the phenomena of software aging and software rejuvenation.
2006 Roberto Tamassia For pioneering the field of graph drawing and for outstanding contributions to the design of graph and geometric algorithms.
2006 Michael T. Goodrich For outstanding contributions to the design of parallel and distributed algorithms for fundamental combinatorial and geometric problems.
2006 Shashi Shekhar For technical achievements in spatial databases, spatial data mining, and geographic information systems.
2006 Hsinchun Chen For innovative contributions to digital libraries, medical informatics, and intelligence and security informatics.
2005 Daniel E. Cooke For language research resulting in Sequence L used by NASA's Guidance, Navigation, and Control Engineers.
2005 David A. Forsyth For contributions to object recognition, tracking, and image-language analysis yielding deeper understanding of computer vision and its relationship to other disciplines.
2005 Amar Mukherjee For contributions to loss less compression algorithms and compressed domain search-aware pattern matching algorithms for retrieval of text and images.
2005 Vipin Kumar For contributions to the design and analysis of parallel algorithms, graph partitioning, and data mining.
2005 Nageswara Rao For contributions to the design and analysis of information fusion methods with rigorous performance guarantees and efficient implementations applied to a number of practical problem.
2005 Eugene H. Spafford For contributions to information security and digital forensics.
2004 Sumit Ghosh For fundamental contributions towards a comprehensive engineering measure of network security.
2004 Jiawei Han For contributions in data mining and knowledge discovery, data warehousing, deductive and object-oriented databases.
2004 Shashi Phoha For pioneering developments of distributed automation for hierarchical control of interacting machines into dynamic reasoning systems.
2004 Ravi Sandhu For outstanding and pioneering contributions to information security including innovation of the role-based access control model and usage control.
2003 Wesley Chu For contributions to Intelligent Information Systems.
2003 Anil Jain For contributions to pattern recognition theory and application to biometric authentication.
2003 Hermann Kopetz For outstanding contributions to the field of safety-critical real-time computing.
2003 Carlo H. Sequin For outstanding contributions to design tools for computer architectures, computer graphics, industrial CAD/CAM and artistic expressionism.
2003 Mukesh Singhal For pioneering contributions to distributed computing systems.
2002 Elisa Bertino For outstanding contributions to database systems and database security and advanced data management systems.
2002 Ram Chillarege For invention of Orthogonal Defect Classification and contributions to advances in software engineering measurements and analysis.
2000 Arif Ghafoor For significant contributions to the development of multimedia synchronization models and associated algorithms.
2000 Ruud M. Bolle For technical contributions to, and leadership in, building computer vision systems with high scientific and practical value.
1999 L.M. Patnaik For pioneering contributions to parallel, distributed and soft computing, and for novel message passing hierarchical architectures, design of high performance generic algorithms, and study of their dynamics.
1999 Bharat Bhargava For outstanding contributions to foundations of adaptability schemes in distributed systems and communication software.
1999 Wen-Tsuen Chen For contributions to parallel processing and high-speed networking systems design.
1998 Nikolaos G. Bourbakis For outstanding and pioneering contributions to space filling curves for image processing and intelligent visual navigation of autonomous robots in unknown space.
1998 Tadao Ichikawa For contributions to visual/multimedia computing technologies.
1998 S. Sitharama Iyengar For outstanding contributions to data structures and algorithms for image processing and signal/sensor fusion problems.
1998 Kane Kim For outstanding contributions to the scientific foundation for both real-time fault-tolerant computing and real-time object-oriented distributed computing.
1998 Benjamin W. Wah For outstanding and pioneering contributions to search optimization with parallel and neural networks approaches.
1997 Luqi For contributions to the foundation and technology for computer-aided protyping of hard real-time systems and their functions.
1997 Jeffrey J.P. Tsai For contributions to knowledge based engineering.
1997 Bhavani Thuraisingham For contributions to secure distributed database systems.
1996 J.K. Aggarwal For pioneering contributions toward establishing fundamentals of structure extraction and computational motion from image sequences.
1996 Sunil Ranjan Das For pioneering contributions to the fields of switching theory and modern digital design, digital circuits testing, microarchitecture and microprogram optimization, and combinatorics and graph theory.
1995 David Patterson For outstanding contributions to the advancement of computer science and engineering through inspiring teaching, path-breaking research, effective leadership and wide-ranging professional service.
1991 Tse-yun Feng Significant and outstanding technical contribution to the field of parallel processing.
1988 David R. Boggs Local area networks
1987 Robert M. Metcalfe LAN
1987 S. Iwasaki High density magnetic recording.
1985 Algirdas A. Avizienis Fault tolerant computing.
1985 Edward J. McCluskey Testability