Past recipients for Hans Karlsson Standards Award

2014 Annette D. Reilly For harmonization and development of novel approaches to the system and software engineering standards for vocabulary, life-cycle information, and user documentation.
2013 Brian G. Kiernan For extraordinary skill and dedication in chairing the complex task groups that developed the IEEE 802.16a, 802.16e, and 802.16m WirelessMAN standards, including the world's first 4G broadband standard.
2012 Paul R. Croll For dedicated leadership of the IEEE Systems and Software Engineering Standards Committee, and for his diplomacy and collaboration in facilitating the development of a collection of high-quality standards.
2011 Arthur W. Astrin For leadership and diplomatic skills applied to LAN/MAN wireless personal area network standards; mediating rivalry of corporate entities and personal aspirations by promoting the value of IEEE wireless standards-based approaches.
2009 James W. Moore For charting the road maps and leading the harmonization of IEEE and ISO systems and software engineering standards.
2007 Katherine L. Morse For leadership in development of modeling and simulation standards and exemplary collaboration in establishing the Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO) Standards Activity Committee (SAC) as an IEEE standards sponsor.
2006 John L. (Jack) Cole For bringing together diverse interests with inspired leadership, dedication and vision in producing five storage system standards, and forming the first information assurance standards committee.
2005 Yervant Zorian For outstanding leadership, communications, and achievement with the IEEE Testability Method for Embedded Core-based ICs standard (IEEE Std. 1500tm-2005) through collaboration with major industry groups.
2004 David B. Gustavson For outstanding leadership in Standards and for your insight, organization, and political astuteness in bringing the Scalable Coherent Interface (SCI) (IEEE 1596-1992) to fruition, significantly advancing the art and science of scalable systems.
2002 H. Wayne Hodgins For your extraordinary leadership and vision that led to the first learning technology standard and that was instrumental in moving an entire industry to pursue a standards-based rather than a proprietary approach.
2001 Victor Hayes For your dedication to the advancement of technologies and their use in a wide area of segments, markets, and applications benefiting all our lives.
1996 Leonard L. Tripp For your long-term service and leadership of the IEEE Computer Society Software Engineering Committee (SESC) and related activities.
1995 Roger Martin For leadership in timely completion of test methods which assure quality and dependability for the standards customer, completeness for the portable app builder and consensus to the whole community.
1994 James D. Isaak For outstanding leadership and achievement through collaboration.