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You think that you understand technology but when you arrive at The Known World, you discover a land where software pirates sail the seven seas, Derek the Rocket Scientist holds a communal barn raising to install his solar roof, and the future of technology policy is perpetually debated by the Society for the Promotion of Goodness and its rival, the Association for the Prevention of Bad Things.  These are some of the people and institutions that populate The Known World and help explain the nature of society and technology.

This blog contains the essays of David Alan Grier, which appear each month to discuss the ideas, the culture and the stories of the digital age. These blog postings and podcasts come from the column of the same name in Computer.

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A Force of Nature

Three guys who were good with computers and were entirely unprepared for the force of nature

Our educational system does little to prepare computer science students for making the transition to the working world.

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The Character of Play: A second update

There are just a few ideas that need to be revisited.


The Character of Play: A final word

This was a subject that needed a little more discussion. Here it ends.


The Character of Play: An update

This is a quick update to Character of Play. It tells the story of the Computer Museum's staff as they work on getting an IBM 1401 back in working order. The machine was one of the most popular of its day. It is less than 50 years old. And still it takes a heroic effort to make it work.

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David Alan Grier

David Alan Grier is a computer scientist, an established observer of the technology industry and a writer on issues of science and society.  In addition to producing The Known World, he has written two books,  When Computers Were Human, (Princeton University Press, 2005), which is the story of the workers who did scientific calculation before we had electronic computers.  In addition he has published Too Soon to Tell: Essays for the End of the Computer Revolution, (John Wiley/IEEE Computer Society, 2009).  A video of When Computers Were Human can be found here while a brief talk about Too Soon to Tell is found here. 

He is currently an associate professor at the Center for International Science and Technology Policy at the George Washington University.  

Despite sharing a common hometown and a common birth year with David Alan Grier the actor, he is an entirely different person.