Two Transactions Move to New Publishing Model

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 12 April, 2010 – Recognizing the need for quicker access to research, two IEEE Computer Society journals will transition to a new publishing model starting with their 2011 issues.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) and IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing (TDSC) will adopt the new OnlinePlus publication model beginning with 2011 issues. TVCG, which will become a monthly journal in 2011, publishes research on subjects related to computer graphics and visualization techniques, systems, software, hardware, and user interface issues. TDSC, which will now be a bimonthly journal in 2011, publishes archival research results focusing on foundations, methodologies, and mechanisms that support the achievement—through design, modeling, and evaluation—of systems and networks that are dependable and secure to the desired degree without compromising performance.
The OnlinePlus publication model will give subscribers three ways to receive journal content for a lower price than traditional print: Online Access, interactive disk, and a book of article abstracts.
“We are entering a new era of scholarly publication that will raise the standards for publishing new ideas,” said Vice President of Publications David Alan Grier. “This new format will give scholars a better opportunity to review and test the concepts in the articles. It will also give readers a much clearer presentation of new technologies and new ideas.”
The new model will speed up publication of research—and access to that research. “The OnlinePlus model will drastically shorten the time from submission to final publication, allowing researchers and practitioners nearly instant access to relevant and proven research results,” said Transactions Operations Chair Jean-Luc Gaudiot. “We have more flexibility with the Abstracts-only book and interactive disk instead of a standard print page budget.”
In addition to containing the papers in their entirety, the interactive disk will contain supplemental materials that are usually only posted online in the Computer Society Digital Library (CSDL), thus making it possible to view them without accessing the Internet. Providing an additional venue for supplemental materials could encourage authors to submit multimedia files more often, leading to a richer content for research. The disk will also allow readers the flexibility of viewing content without needing to be online, a benefit for those readers with limited Internet access.
All papers will continue to be published with volume, issue, and page numbers, and contributing authors will receive a full printed copy of the issue in which their paper is published. OnlinePlus further aligns the Computer Society with the IEEE’s Green Initiative, according to Evan Butterfield, the Computer Society’s Director of Products & Services. “It’s a more environmentally responsible model that dramatically reduces the amount of paper we use, as well as reducing the impact of mailing and shipping.”

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