August Issue of IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter Features Early Adopters

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 15 August, 2011 -- The August edition of the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter, with first-run Smart Grid information, is available online at
The August issue of the IEEE Smart Grid Newsletter features exclusive material on Smart Grid from experts in the energy, data, utility and electric industries.
Peter Fox-Penner brings to light what we can learn from the surprising early adopters of Smart Grid and related deployment developments. Fox-Penner is a consulting executive and authority on energy and electric power industry issues. He is a Principal and Chairman Emeritus of The Brattle Group economic consulting firm.
Amol Bakshi and Viktor K. Prasanna share lessons learned from a decade of digital oilfield initiatives that can inform Smart Grid plans. Bakshi is a solution architect in the Chevron Energy Technology Co. He also taught at the Center for Interactive Smart Oilfield Technologies, University of Southern California (USC), where he was a contributor to the Smart Grid Demonstration Project. Prasanna is an IEEE Fellow and Charles Lee Powell Chair in Engineering in the Ming Hsieh Department of Electrical Engineering and Professor of Computer Science at USC. He is an associate director of the USC-Chevron Center of Excellence for Research and Academic Training on Interactive Smart Oilfield Technologies and director of the Center for Energy Informatics at USC.
Himanshu Khurana addresses the substantial changes to design and development processes necessary to build cybersecurity into Smart Grid from the start. Khurana is an IEEE Senior Member and the senior technical manager for the Integrated Security Technologies section at Honeywell Automation and Control Systems Research Labs.
Jeff Katz writes on preparing for the onslaught of Smart Grid-generated data. Katz is a member of the IEEE and IEEE Computer Society, and the chief technology officer of the energy and utilities industry at IBM and a member of the IBM Academy of Technology.
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