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From the September/October 2015 issue

Preemptive Regression Testingof Workflow-Based Web Services

By Lijun Mei, W.K. Chan, T.H. Tse, Bo Jiang, and Ke Zha

Featured article thumbnail imageAn external web service may evolve without prior notification. In the course of the regression testing of a workflow-based web service, existing test case prioritization techniques may only verify the latest service composition using the not-yet-executed test cases, overlooking high-priority test cases that have already been applied to the service composition before the evolution. In this paper, we propose Preemptive Regression Testing (PRT), an adaptive testing approach to addressing this challenge. Whenever a change in the coverage of any service artifact is detected, PRT recursively preempts the current session of regression test and creates a sub-session of the current test session to assure such lately identified changes in coverage by adjusting the execution priority of the test cases in the test suite. Then, the sub-session will resume the execution from the suspended position. PRT terminates only when each test case in the test suite has been executed at least once without any preemption activated in between any test case executions. The experimental result confirms that testing workflow-based web service in the face of such changes is very challenging; and one of the PRT-enriched techniques shows its potential to overcome the challenge.

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