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From the November 2014 Issue

Efficient Range-Based Storage Management for Scalable Datastores

By Giorgos Margaritis and Stergios V. Anastasiadis

Free Featured ArticleScalable datastores are distributed storage systems capable of managing enormous amounts of structured data for online serving and analytics applications. Across different workloads, they weaken the relational and transactional assumptions of traditional databases to achieve horizontal scalability and availability, and meet demanding throughput and latency requirements. Efficiency tradeoffs at each storage server often lead to design decisions that sacrifice query responsiveness for higher insertion throughput. In order to address this limitation, we introduce the novel Rangetable storage structure and Rangemerge method so that we efficiently manage structured data in granularity of key ranges. We develop a general prototype framework and implement several representative methods as plugins to experimentally evaluate their performance under common operating conditions. We experimentally conclude that our approach incurs range-query latency that is minimal and has low sensitivity to concurrent insertions, achieves insertion performance that approximates that of write-optimized methods under modest query load, and reduces down to half the reserved disk space.

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