TLT celebrates its 5th anniversary!

We asked editorial board members to reflect on TLT's past 5 years. Below is what they had to say.


—Mike Sharples, Professor of Educational Technology, Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University


“Congratulations to the IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies for being a journal which was definitely needed for addressing a timely demand to bring together new technology, e.g., in the field of collaborative learning tools and interactive techniques for learning, with online learning concepts.”

—Friedrich W. Hesse, Director at Knowledge Media Research Center, Tuebingen, Germany


“Congratulations on TLT's 5th Anniversary. It is really my pleasure to serve TLT and I am really delighted of the high quality submissions that TLT receives.”

—Rynson Lau


“Congratulations to IEEE TLT on its 5th anniversary! With the increasing recognition of the importance of learning technology, there was a real need for the rigor and breadth of TLT. Congratulations to the founding editors and IEEE for their vision and many thanks to them and the many reviewers who have made it possible to create this first rate publication.”

—Judy Kay, Professor of Computer Science, University of Sydney