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From the October-December 2014 issue

Clustering Affective Qualities of Classical Music: Beyond the Valence-Arousal Plane

By Antonio Rodà, Sergio Canazza, and Giovanni De Poli

Featured article thumbnail imageThe important role of the valence and arousal dimensions in representing and recognizing affective qualities in music is well established. There is less evidence for the contribution of secondary dimensions such as potency, tension and energy. In particular, previous studies failed to find significant relations between computable musical features and affective dimensions other than valence and arousal. Here we present two experiments aiming at assessing how musical features, directly computable from complex audio excerpts, are related to secondary emotion dimensions. To this aim, we imposed some constraints on the musical features, namely modality and tempo, of the stimuli.The results show that although arousal and valence dominate for many musical features, it is possible to identify features, in particular Roughness, Loudness, and SpectralFlux, that are significantly related to the potency dimension. As far as we know, this is the first study that gained more insight into the affective potency in the music domain by using real music recordings and a computational approach.

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