Welcome to the President's corner

Here is a spot where our Presidents can provide members with some of the insight we have gained from our years in the Computer Society, industry, academic fields, etc. If you are a new member, or don't think you have taken full advantage of  Computer Society benefits, please go to our New Members page.

For an ongoing commentary from the current President, see the President's Blog.

It is the assertion of President Jim Isaak, that getting active in the Computer Society will increase your innovation, problem solving capabilities, leadership skills, career growth, job advancement, entrepreneurial opportunities, and the impact you can have in your community and for the benefit of humanity. To find out more about this perspective, check out the "Being Active" information.

As a professional society, one of our tasks is to help members develop competencies, to be able to articulate/demonstrate these competencies, and help industry understand the value of these competencies. We have focused significant effort over the last 15 years developing a clear picture of one specific profession: "Software Engineer". This has included defining a body of knowledge (SWEBOK), a range of international standards, recommended curriculum , accreditation for university programs, certification for recent graduates (CSDA)  and for established practitioners (CSDP), training to support indivdiuals preparing for certification, and we are contributing to the consistent development in the U.S. of licensing for Software Engineers . If this is an area where you wish to develop in your career, please go to our Software Engineering Portal to find out about training, books, conferences, and the other elements that can support your career development.

We also support professionals in a variety of other areas. Our technical committees and (as of 2010) instant communities provide a way for you to interact with any of these. These forums are the breeding grounds for new conferences, standards, publications, and curriculum as well as the place where you can start to build the network of colleagues that is critical for your own career.