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IEEE Pervasive Computing explores the many facets of pervasive and ubiquitous computing with research articles, case studies, product reviews, conference reports, departments covering wearable and mobile technologies, and much more. More »

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Roy Want, Editor in Chief Emeritus

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January-March 2012 IEEE Pervasive Computing Cover: Weiser's Vision: 20 Years LaterJanuary–March 2012

Weiser's Vision: 20 Years Later

Ten years ago, the articles in this magazine's inaugural issue provided a snapshot of the start of the art in pervasive computing and charted the progress the field had made in the 10 years since Weiser's seminal article. To mark the 20th anniversary, this issue similarly contains a series of articles that reflect on Weiser's vision, consider how far the field has come, and ponder where we're headed. More »

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  • In addition to feature-length articles, IEEE Pervasive Computing invites work-in-progress submissions of 250 words or less on topics ranging from hardware technology and software infrastructure to environmental sensing and human-computer interaction. Submit a WiPs report on your project to


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