PACE Members' Initiatives: NCWIT

2013 Initiatives Presentation

NCWIT Educational Initiatives

Teacher Professional Development: Programs-in-a-Box (Pair Programming, REU,  Unplugged)
Counselors: C4C Campaign, Posters, Pathways Cards
Outreach Resources: Videos, Brochures, Talking Points, Website, Roadshow-in-a-Box, Outreach-in-a-Box, CS-in-a-Box (Unplugged)
Community College: yes
Student Engagement: Aspirations Program, Planned: "How-To" for Student Organizations
Undergrad Recruiting & Retention, Advance to Graduate School: Consultation, Resources, Assessment Tools

NCWIT Professional Initiatives

Community: Annual Summit, Alliance Committees
Resources: Many
Job Banks: yes
Smaller/Regional Communities: Regional Women's Conferences
Evaluation of Initiatives: Ongoing Data Collection/Analysis, Available Assessment Tools

NCWIT Advocacy Initiatives

Educating Politicians: Computing-in-Core
Campaigns: Congressional District Map, Aspirations, CSEd Week Campaign, Sit With Me, Gotta Have IT
Data: By the Numbers, Scorecard, "The Facts" (Women, Girls in IT),Planned: Data Buddies
Resources: Talking Points, Boxes (International Women's Day), Reports, Guides
NCWIT Communications Initiatives
Reports: yes
Research: Faculty Adoption, Male Influencer
Newsletter: yes
Information Push to Members: yes

NCWIT K12 Membership Initiatives


NCWIT Industry, Government Partners Initiatives

NSF, Corporations