PACE Members' Initiatives: IEEE

IEEE Educational Initiatives

Outreach Resources: Try Engineering, Try Computing, Videos, Profiles, Blogs
Accreditation: yes
Curriculum: Joint Task Force Computing Curricula, Certifications, Courses, Planned: India
Student Engagement: Chapters, Student Competitions, Video Competition, LEAD
Online Education: Platform, Courses, Certificates, Modules, Webinars, Copy to Prof. Cty.

IEEE Professional Initiatives

Community: Educational Research Community, FIE, SIGs
Job Banks: yes
Professional Development/Workforce Education: Techpak, Certifications, PD Essential Set

IEEE Advocacy Initiatives

Educating Politicians: Computing-in-Core

IEEE Communications Initiatives

Research: yes
Newsletter: IT Prof, Build Your Career
International Focus: yes
Information Push to Members: yes

IEEE Industry, Government Partners Initiatives