Software Engineering for Big Data Systems

Submission deadline: 1 August 2015
Publication: March/April 2016

This theme issue focuses on the software-engineering challenges of building massively scalable, highly available big data systems. Such systems are highly distributed and often comprise multiple architectural styles and open source technologies. Growth in scale and functionality is often unanticipated and explosive, which drives organizations to adopt rapid development and deployment methods to cope with ever-changing requirements, environments, and data types.

Possible submission topics include, but aren’t limited to,

  • the engineering of big data systems, including software design and architecture, software development approaches, and management methods;
  • architectural adaptation of legacy systems for big data analytics;
  • software engineering techniques that ensure accurate results from operational data analysis;
  • security and privacy issues in engineering big data applications;
  • novel application software architectures to address the CAP theorem’s constraints;
  • distributed algorithms and frameworks for scalable data analysis and processing;
  • programming-language support for data parallel processing;
  • quality assurance for big data systems, including run-time monitoring at scale;
  • data management and evolution for big data systems; and performance, scalability, and capacity planning and analysis.


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Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts must not exceed 4,700 words including figures and tables, which count for 250 words each. Submissions over these limits may be rejected without refereeing. Articles deemed within the theme and scope will be peer-reviewed and subject to editing for magazine style, clarity, organization, and space. Submissions should include the special issue’s name.

Articles should be novel, have a practical orientation, and be written in a style accessible to practitioners. Overly complex, purely research-oriented, or theoretical treatments aren’t appropriate. IEEE Software doesn’t republish material published previously in other venues.

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