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November/December 2014

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Over the past decades, today, and in the future, business contexts in software organizations and the common ways of developing software are changing dramatically. Formation of teams in distributed environments, virtual or not, calls for new ways of working across geographic, temporal, and cultural boundaries. This, however, also requires effective leadership approaches enabled through systems, processes, technology, and people. The authors pulled together this special issue to provide some ideas and strategies for practitioners and open questions for researchers. The Web extra at is an audio recording in which author IEEE Software Multimedia Editor Davide Falessi interviews Laurence Tratt and Adam Welc, guest editors of the magazine's September/October 2014 issue, about the field of programming languages. Read full article »

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Process Mass Customization in a Global Software Firm

Process Mass Customization in a Global Software Firm

Ericsson developers applied a general industrial approach to mass customization that focused on four key tactics: adaptive, cosmetic, transparent, and collaborative mass customization. Read full article »

Driving Agile Architecting with Cost and Risk

Driving Agile Architecting with Cost and Risk

Five pieces of advice can help architects become more effective in an agile world without having to implement new methods or frameworks. Read full
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