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July–Sept. 2014

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A revolution is occurring in terms of how pervasive computing hardware is designed, prototyped, and manufactured. A broad set of researchers and users now have access to a host of digital fabrication tools and techniques that empower them to create new devices and realize new concepts more quickly, cheaply, and easily. This special issue brings together four articles that describe recent research in this space of printing and fabrication for pervasive computing. Read article »

About IEEE Pervasive Computing

IEEE Pervasive Computing explores the many facets of pervasive and ubiquitous computing with research articles, case studies, product reviews, conference reports, departments covering wearable and mobile technologies, and more.

Articles from IEEE Pervasive Computing

Cognition-Aware Computing

Cognition-Aware Computing

Despite significant advances in context sensing and inference, context-aware computing still doesn't implement a holistic view of all covert aspects of the user state. However, visual behavior and brain activity are two promising sensing modalities for assessing the cognitive context and thus the development of cognition-aware computing systems. Read full article »

The Power of Smartphones

The Power of Smartphones

If you are new to power monitoring in the mobile design process, either when building mobile hardware or when writing software based applications, this article will cover the basics, pointing you in the right direction to consider the test equipment you will need. Read full article »


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