Special Issue on Smart Vehicle Spaces

Submission deadline: 10 April 2015
Publication date: January–March 2016

The pervasive computing community has turned its attention to the vehicle as a compelling platform. Vehicles present both challenges and opportunities as smart spaces. Pervasive computing systems applied in this domain can enable operation of vehicles more safely and efficiently, better use the transportation infrastructure, improve quality of life of operators and passengers, and reduce environmental impact.

This special issue will explore the application of pervasive computing techniques and approaches to vehicles — alone or in concert — in order to create smart spaces. We invite submissions addressing all aspects of this problem, including but not limited to:

  • Improving the effectiveness and safety of the operator-vehicle interface
  • Novel platforms for monitoring and improving vehicle performance
  • Improvements in economy enabled by computing systems
  • Better routing, guidance, and congestion management in transportation networks
  • Inferring driver behavior, attention, and workload in customizing vehicle performance and interfaces.
  • Inter-vehicle collaboration and communication
  • Vehicle-infrastructure interactions
  • Experiences with deployments in real vehicles and transportation systems
  • New abstractions and platforms for managing vehicle information and capabilities

The guest editors invite original and high-quality submissions addressing all aspects of this field, as long as the connection to the focus topic is clear and emphasized. Review or summary articles — for example critical evaluations of the state of the art, or insightful analysis of established and up-coming technologies — may be accepted if they demonstrate academic originality in discussing and highlighting academic relevance.

Special Issue Guest Editors

  • Brian Noble, University of Michigan
  • K. Venkatesh Prasad, Ford Research
  • Steve Hodges, Microsoft Research

Submission Information

Submissions should be 4,000 to 6,000 words long and should follow the magazine's guidelines on style and presentation. All submissions will be single-blind anonymously reviewed in accordance with normal practice for scientific publications. For more information, contact the guest editors at pvc1-2016@computer.org.
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For general author guidelines or submission details: www.computer.org/web/peer-review/magazines or email pervasive@computer.org.

To submit your article directly to our online peer-review system, go directly to https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/pc-cs.