Multimedia Data Management in Mobile Computing

January–March 2014

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This special issue focuses on the management and exploitation of multimedia data in mobile computing environments. The main goal was to collect articles reporting the latest advances on the technologies, algorithms, models, standards, and applications for managing and exploiting multimedia data in mobile computing. Specifically, this issue includes four representative articles that encompass topics such as image databases for mobile devices, mobile photo recommendation, logbook generation from context-tagged images, keyword-based multimedia retrieval, and querying multimedia data in vehicular networks. Read full article »

About IEEE MultiMedia

IEEE MultiMedia covers multiple media types, used harmoniously together in creating new experiences in areas such as image processing, video processing, audio analysis, text retrieval and understanding, data mining and analysis, and data fusion.

Articles from IEEE MultiMedia

Memory-Efficient Image Databases for Mobile Visual Search

Memory-Efficient Image Databases for Mobile Visual Search

David M. Chen and Bernd Girod propose an improvement to the current systems for mobile visual search by keeping the whole process on-device to avoid common external problems. Read full article »

Applications of Face Analysis and Modeling in Media Production

Applications of Face Analysis and Modeling in Media Production

Our ability to read information from facial expressions is a big factor in media productions. This article looks at automatic facial analysis and modeling methods. Read full article »


Call for Papers

January–March 2015: Interactive Sonification

July–September 2015: Social Multimedia and Storytelling: Using Social Media to Capture, Mine, and Recreate Experiences, Events, and Places

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