Smart Systems

Submission deadline: 15 April 2015
Publication: November/December 2015

Smart systems can monitor, analyze, communicate, and act based on information captured from sensors. The convergence of recent advances in computational power, ubiquitous and reliable connectivity, embedded systems and devices, intelligent information management, and cloud technologies is breeding the creation of new types of smart systems. The intelligent capabilities of smart systems enable better user personalization, data processing and analytics, as well as new application domains.

This special issue seeks to provide readers with an overview of the current issues and practices as well as a look into the future as smart systems become indispensable as key enablers of product and service development and the creation of new markets. We seek articles from industry, business, academia, and government. Smart systems topics include the following:

  • Smart analytic systems
  • Smart autonomous systems and robotics systems
  • Smart cities and grids
  • Smart cloud systems
  • Smart data management systems
  • Smart embedded devices and systems
  • Smart health systems
  • Smart home, building, and Internet of Things systems
  • Smart infrastructure systems
  • Smart mobile, personal, and personalization systems
  • Smart telecommunications and transportation systems
  • Smart wearable systems
  • Smart systems evolution
  • Innovation in smart systems
  • Smart systems architecture and design methodologies
  • Smart system deployments and maturity models
  • Human factors and societal impact
  • Smart systems management, business models, and integration
  • Training and education
  • Privacy and security considerations


Feature articles should be no longer than 4,200 words with no more than 20 references (with tables and figures counting as 300 words). Illustrations are welcome. For author guidelines, including sample articles, please see:

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