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July/August 2014

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This issue of Internet Computing surveys issues surrounding Web-scale datacenters, particularly in the areas of cloud provisioning as well as networking optimization and configuration. They include workload isolation, recovery from transient server availability, network configuration, virtual networking, and content distribution. Read full article »

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IEEE Internet Computing covers all aspects of Internet computing, from programming and standards to security and networking. Published bimonthly, the magazine offers peer-reviewed feature, department, and column articles for both industry and academic readers.

Articles from IEEE Internet Computing

Analysis of Web-Scale Cloud Services

Analysis of Web-Scale Cloud Services

Cloud services have unique characteristics, including dynamic and diverse service offerings at different levels, few standardized description languages, and varied deployment platforms, complicating any search of these systems. Utilizing a cloud service crawler has given us a better understanding of the current status of cloud service provisioning, benefitting the cloud research community. Read full article »

I'm Cloud 2.0, and I'm Not Just a Data Center

I'm Cloud 2.0, and I'm Not Just a Data Center

While cloud service providers put significant effort into scalable and cost-efficient services, technology advances are commoditizing small devices with increasing computing, storage, and communication capabilities. These devices could extend the boundaries of the traditional cloud model, ushering in the era of Cloud 2.0. Read full article »


IEEE Internet Computing Seeks Editor in Chief for 2015-2016 Terms

The IEEE Computer Society seeks applicants for the position of editor in chief, serving two-year terms starting 1 January 2015. Prospective candidates are asked to provide (as PDF files), by 1 March 2013, a complete curriculum vitae, a brief plan for the publication's future, and a letter of support from their institution or employer.

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