IC bugSecurity and the Real-Time Web


Final submissions due: 1 March 2014
Publication issue: November/December 2014

Please email the guest editors a brief description of the article you plan to submit by 15 February 2014
Guest Editors: Lieven Desmet and Martin Johns (ic6-2014@computer.org)

The real-time Web (WebRTC) is a maturing technology involving many players in what could be a significant evolution or revolution for voice and video calls over the Internet. Although the WebRTC specifications attempt to address the security issues that will inevitably arise with making calls via the Web, there will nonetheless be a range of implementation, deployment, and other security issues that develop as this technology is deployed.

This special issue aims to bring together new research results from a variety of backgrounds that address these core challenges. Topics of interest include WebRTC security-related work in

  • key managment and public-key infrastructure for WebRTC;
  • browser and Web server security;
  • user privacy; and
  • user interfaces for WebRTC security.

Editors' note: We encourage submissions from both academic and industrial practitioners, especially as they pertain to open source tools or products, but content must have technical merit, not be an advertisement.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must be original manuscripts of fewer than 5,000 words, focused on Internet technologies and implementations. All manuscripts are subject to peer review on both technical merit and relevance to IC's international readership — primarily practicing engineers and academics who are looking for material that introduces new technology and broadens familiarity with current topics. We do not accept white papers, and we discourage strictly theoretical or mathematical papers. To submit a manuscript, please log on to ScholarOne (https://mc.manuscriptcentral.com:443/ic-cs) to create or access an account, which you can use to log on to IC's Author Center and upload your submission.