Cyber-Physical Systems

Full paper submission deadline: 1 December 2015
Publication date: June 2016

Computer plans a June 2016 special issue on technical challenges and solutions for scalability in cloud-integrated cyber-physical systems (CPS).

The evolution of embedded systems into innovative CPS is critical to enabling the development of many innovative products, services, and applications in developed economies. Making the design; development; implementation; deployment; and runtime monitoring, tuning, and management of CPS applications more efficient is central to the growing of the global CPS market, which is still restricted to expensive, mission-critical, and niche applications.

Middleware could play a critical role in this process, as could the efficient integration of CPS with cloud resources, which is crucial for achieving scalability in large-scale deployments such as smart cities. Developing effective middleware for cloud-integrated CPS faces several technical and organizational challenges in terms of innovative methodologies, mechanisms, abstractions, tools, and ecosystems.

This special issue aims to address these important issues, particularly achieving scalability via efficient and cost-effective integration with cloud resources.

In particular, the issue will cover the latest developments in models, methodologies, technical solutions, and large-scale industrial experiences relating to efficient and scalable middleware and application software for cloud-integrated CPS. Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to:

Efficient solutions for determining and integrating sensor/actuator localities via the cloud

  • Scalability-oriented topology organization of sensor/actuator localities
  • Edge computing and mobile edge computing for scalable CPS–cloud integration
  • Federated management of heterogeneous cloud resources integrated with wide-scale CPS
  • Programming abstractions and models for cloud-integrated CPS
  • Sensor/actuator-hosted middleware for scalable integration with CPS gateways
  • Gateway-hosted middleware for scalable CPS
  • Cloud-hosted middleware for scalable and time-constrained CPS
  • Flexible resource allocation and workload mobility of cloud-integrated CPS
  • Data/actuation quality requirements and guarantees for large-scale CPS
  • Offline big data analytics and online stream processing for scalable CPS
  • Experimental studies of large industrial testbeds for scalable cloud-integrated CPS
  • Lessons learned from large-scale deployments of cloud-integrated CPS
  • Scalable security and privacy management in wide-scale cloud-integrated CPS

Only submissions that describe previously unpublished, original, state-of-the-art research that are not currently under review by a conference or journal will be considered.

Articles should be understandable by a broad audience of computing science and engineering professionals, avoiding a focus on theory, mathematics, jargon, and abstract concepts. All manuscripts are subject to peer review on both technical merit and relevance to Computer’s readership. Accepted papers will be professionally edited for content and style.

Authors of accepted papers are encouraged to submit multimedia, such as a 2–4 minute podcast; videos; or an audio or audio/video interview of the authors by an expert in the field, which the Computer staff can help facilitate, record, and edit.


Please direct any correspondence before submission to the guest editors:

Articles are due 1 December 2015. For author guidelines and information on how to submit a manuscript electronically, visit

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