IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

IEEE CG&A Special Issue on Sports Data Visualization

Final submissions due: 1 January 2016
Publication date: September/October 2016

Few areas involve, generate, and celebrate data in the same manner as sports. For every major sport, analysts can and often do extract large amounts of data, which can be leveraged by media and fans (for entertainment), athletes (to improve individual performance), and organizations (to yield a deeper understanding of the sport itself). At the same time, we are seeing a surge in personal fitness and sports data generated by wearable technologies. Massive amounts of data are also generated and used for sports medicine applications, including preventative care and rehabilitation. Although statistical analysis has dominated much of the sports domain, there is a growing interest in applying visualization presentation and exploration tools to a broad range of sports data. Prior research includes techniques, systems, and applications for visualizing sports data presented at the IEEE InfoVis (Information Visualization), ACM CHI, IACSS (International Association of Computer Science in Sport), and MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conferences. Yet, much remains to be done.

For this special issue, we are particularly interested in submissions that describe and discuss innovative visualization applications applied broadly to the sports and personal fitness domains. Topics of interests include, but aren’t limited to, the following applications:

  • Visualization for player and team management (such as performance, recruiting, and health)
  • Visualization for sports media and entertainment (such as fantasy sports, television, and social media)
  • Visualization for operational management (such as team, franchises, marketing, and ticketing)
  • Visualization for sports medicine applications (such as preventative and rehab)
  • Visualization of personal fitness and sports data (such as performance and nutrition)
  • Domain studies (soccer, football, basketball, tennis, golf, racing, and so on)

Guest Editors

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Submission Guidelines

Articles should be no more than eight magazine pages, where a page is 800 words and a quarter-page image counts as 200 words. Please cite only the 12 most relevant references, and consider providing technical background in sidebars for nonexpert readers. Color images are preferable and should be limited to 10. Visit the CG&A style and length guidelines at We also strongly encourage you to submit multimedia (videos, podcasts, and so on) to enhance your article. Visit the CG&A supplemental guidelines at

Please submit your paper using the online manuscript submission service at When uploading your paper, select the appropriate special issue title under the category “Manuscript Type.” Also, include complete contact information for all authors. If you have any questions about submitting your article, contact the peer review coordinator at