Human Touch in Digital Experiences

January/February 2016

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This issue showcases a selection of feature articles that all have in common a strong emphasis on using computing environments to improve the human experience. A key element in these works is adding touch to visual representations, which has long been established as necessary for improving human-computer interaction. Rather than focusing only on in-depth issues of haptic displays, the articles in this issue provide an interesting crosscut of different embodiments and applications for improving, mimicking, facilitating, or even reducing the need for human touch in digital experiences. Read full article »

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Articles from IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications

Educational Virtual-Wear Trial: More Than a Virtual Try-On Experience

Educational Virtual-Wear Trial: More Than a Virtual Try-On Experience

Advances in computer capabilities, networks, mobile devices, and social media let educators to employ blended strategies to develop new learning technologies. Read full article »

Breathing Life into Shapes

Breathing Life into Shapes

Modern computational power can be leveraged to create the best shape deformations in animation while maintaining real-time performance. Read full article »


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