Modern Computing

January–March 2014

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This issue features several articles that give different perspectives on "modern computing" and how that concept evolves with emerging and retiring technologies. Specifically, the issue includes a discussion of the stored-program concept by Thomas Haigh, Mark Priestley, and Crispin Rope; a history of academic computer science degrees in Spain and the origins of Barcelona's School of Informatics by Jordi Fornes and Nestor Herran; a history of the fourth generation language (4GL) Nomad by Nicholas Rawlings; a rediscovery of the messaging capabilities in the SDC time-sharing system by David Hemmendinger; and a look at early commercial electronic distribution of software in the late 1970s by Zbigniew Stachniak. Read full article »

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IEEE Annals of the History of Computing covers the breadth of computer history through scholarly articles by leading computer scientists and historians, as well as firsthand accounts by computing pioneers. Annals is the authoritative archival journal for the history of computing.

Articles from IEEE Annals of the History of Computing

Steve Furber

Steve Furber

Computer Society President Emeritus, David Alan Grier interviews Steve Furber, recipient of the 2013 IEEE Computer Society Pioneer Award for his valuable contributions to the science of computing. Read full article »

Appropriation and Independence: BTM,Burroughs, and IBM at the Advent of the Computer Industry

Appropriation and Independence: BTM, Burroughs, and IBM at the Advent of the Computer Industry

Author Jeff Yost refocuses the comparison of early British and US computer industries by highlighting British Tabulating Machine Company (BTM) and the Burroughs Corporation instead of IBM. Read full article »

Special Features

Interview with Jonathan Koomey
In today's era of battery-powered mobile devices, computing is being driven as much by energy efficiency as by performance. Research by Stanford University associate professor Jonathan Koomey discovered that since the 1940s, computers' energy efficiency has doubled about every year and a half. The Inside Story interviewed Koomey to learn more about his research and his predictions for the future. Read full Interview »

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