Student Competition

February 16, 2011

Dear Simulator Design Competition Participants,

It is with great regret that the IEEE Computer Society must inform you of our decision not to continue with the Simulator Design Competition this year due to low levels of participation.  Unfortunately, very few paritcipants registered for the competition, and as a result we have decided to re-design its form and style.

I realize that this will be a significant disappointment to you, however I am sure you also want to be part of a vibrant and robust competition characterized by a strong field of participants.

I very much hope that you will continue to support the Computer Society activities, and consider participating in one or more of our future competitions.


Elizabeth L. Burd, Ph.D.
Vice President and Chair
Educational Activities Board
IEEE Computer Society




For further information contact:

Dorian McClenahan, Ed.D.
Education Program Product Developer
IEEE Computer Society