Goals and Scope

Special Technical Communities focus on selected technical areas and integrate contemporary tools and technology to break down silos and foster new ideas.

CS Cloud Computing STC focuses on Cloud activities across CS, involving both CS members and non-members. Its work is complementary to the IEEE Cloud Computing Initiative (IEEE CCI), a 3-year project to promote Cloud efforts across IEEE.

Leadership Team

  Chunming Rong University of Stavanger, Norway
  Henry Chan
Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
  Martin Gilje Jaatun
SINTEF, Norway
Program Manager  
  Jennifer Carruth
IEEE Computer Society, USA
BoG "Angel"  
  Atsuhiro Goto
IIS, Japan
  Ching-Hsien Hsu (Robert)
Chung Hua University, Taiwan
  Xianghan Zheng Fuzhou University, China
  Christine Miyachi
Xerox, USA
  Wes Chou
Online Presence  
  Eltijani Elrayah
Engvillage, Sudan
  Rajat Harlalka
PlayApps Inc, India 


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The goal of the Computer Society (CS) Special Technical Community (STC) for Cloud Computing (CC) is to bring together Computer Society members and non-members  with an interest in Cloud Computing. 

Our members range from new to cloud computing to experts in cloud computing.  

The STC is by members for members.  

The content provided by the CS STC CC will give members accurate, vendor-neutral information that will demystify IT's top cloud-related concerns (such as ensuring adequate security, framing service level agreements, impacts on staffing, and enabling rapid scaling up and down).

We provide our members; up-to-date information and resources about cloud computing. 



  1. Develop and/or disseminate Cloud Computing knowledge on our outward facing web site (cloudcomputing.ieee.org)    

  2. Facilitate Cloud Computing information exchange via social media, blogs, and meet-ups.      

To accomplish these goals we will:

  • recruit volunteer authors, practitioners, researchers, and other community members. 
  • work synergistically CS Boards (EAB, PUB, SA, TAB, PA, MGA), CS TCs, and IEEE CCI.

Major Activities

You Can Help Us

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Welcome to the CS CC STC Community.
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Welcome to the CS CC STC Community.
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New Positions: Call for Volunteers

View the list of IEEE CS Cloud Computing Special Technical Community (CC STC) open positions here.

Join This Exciting Effort

It's free! Open for CS members and non-members.

If you are involved in cloud computing, joining the CS CC STC will give you chance to contribute your expertise as well as to expand your knowledge by working with others in this field. We have working groups on:

  • Conferences
  • Technical Activities
  • Newsletter
  • Online Presence

To become a CC STC member, click on the JOIN CS CC STC / LOGIN button on the home page.

To get involved as a volunteer, select any of our working groups.