Distinguished Visitors Program: Asia and Pacific

The IEEE Computer Society is pleased to present the Region 10 (Asia and Pacific) Distinguished Vistors [Speakers] Program. Region 10 chapters interested in the speakers below should refer to the general guidelines for the DVP.


Tsun-Yi Ho

Tsung-Yi Ho (2013-2015)

Digital Microfluidic Biochips: Towards Hardware/Software Co-Design and Cyberphysical System Integration
Top-Down Synthesis for Flow-Based Microfluidic Biochips




Sharath Pankanti

Sharath Pankanti (2013-2015)

Performance metrics metrics/evaluation
Computer vision system designs for effective privacy
Safety, Security, Productivity and Convenience



San Marugesan

San Murugesan (2016-2018)

IT Trends
Masterminds of IT: What We Can Learn from Them (Profiles of IT innovators and what we can learn from them)
Internet of Everything: What's Ahead, and How Will It Impact of Us?
Imagineering Your New Smarter Digital World: Embracing Advances in 3C's - Computing, Communications, and Connections
Automation and Employment
Green IT: What it is and Why it's Important
Cloud Computing and Its Applications - Understanding and Benefiting from Computing in the Clouds
How to Present Your Work for a Journal Publication



V.L Narasimhan

V.L Narasimhan (2013-2015)

Software Test Data Generation
Agile Software Process and Comparison with Other Software
Asset Management
Business Intelligence
Embedded Computing Systems, Cloud Computing, Data Mining


Andre Oboler

Andre Oboler (2014-2016)
The Online Hate Challenge to Social Media
Controlling Wikipedia
Improving the Research Process





Jiang Xu

Jiang Xu  (2014-2016)
Inter/Intra-Chip Optical Networks: Opportunities and Challenges
Sensor Network on Chip: A HW-SW Collaborated Method for Resilient MPSoC
Network-on-Chip Traffic Patterns Based on Real MPSoC Applications

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