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Are you a recent software or computer engineering graduate, an undergraduate in the final year of your software or computer engineering program, or a professional with more than two years of programming experience?


Get certified in 3 easy steps


Register for the exam
Exam fees are affordable and in many cases paid for by your employer.
Prepare for the exam
Options include online preparation course and software engineering assessment series.
Take the exam
Choose a test center from thousands located around the world.

  Member price   Nonmember price
CSDA preparation course $345   $445
Total examination fee $295   $395
Preparation and exam $595   $745

Additional taxes may apply.


Call +866-681-7613 or email for more information.

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The CSDA credential is intended to bridge the gap between educational experience and real-world work requirements. Questions? Email

Why certify?


  • Bridge the gap between your educational experience and real-world work requirements
  • Verify understanding of software engineering principles


  • Shorten your training cycle and quickly increase your contribution
  • Demonstrate your commitment and professionalism


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