Past recipients for Computer Entrepreneur Award 

2011 Diane B. Greene
Mendel Rosenblum
For creating a virtualization platform that profoundly revolutionized modern computing.
2009 Sandy Lerner
Len Bosack
For founding Cisco Systems and pioneering and advancing the commercialization of routing technology and the profound changes this technology enabled in the computer industry.

John E. Warnock
Charles M. Geschke

For inventing PostScript and PDF and helping to launch the desktop publishing revolution and change the way people engage with information and entertainment.
2008 Edwin E. Catmull For creating the practical foundations for a torrent of computer graphics applications, which made computers indispensable in computer animated film, computer design and manufacture, flight simulation, and entertainment.
2004 Bjarne Stroustrup For pioneering the development and commercialization of industrial-strength, object-oriented programming technologies and the profound changes they fostered in business and industry.
2000 Michael Dell For his entrepreneurial leadership in revolutionizing the personal computer industry through direct consumer, build-to-order and assembly-on-demand.
1999 Clive Sinclair For his spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, which has been a source of inspiration and guidance to the computer industry worldwide.

Bill Gates
Paul Allen
Steve Jobs
Steve Wozniak

For their entrepreneurial leadership in the creation of the personal computing industry and the profound changes it has fostered in both business and personal life.
1998 George Schussel For his entrepreneurial leadership in professional development, continuing education, and technology assessment.
1997 Andrew S. Grove For his important contributions to the computing industry and profession as an entrepreneurial leader, advisor, and mentor.
1996 Daniel S. Bricklin For pioneering the development and commercialization of the spreadsheet and the profound changes it fostered in business and industry.

William Hewlett
David Packard

For entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and impact that has served as a role model for the entire computing industry.
1990 J. Presper Eckert For pioneering design work resulting in creation of the world's first large-scale electronic general-purpose digital computer.
1989 Gene M. Amdahl In recognition of his entrepreneurial efforts in the development of a strong and competitive mainframe industry.
1987 Erwin Tomash For recognition of early pioneering work with computer equipment peripherals.

Gordon Moore
Robert Noyce

In recognition of their early contributions to microcomputers and silicon components.

Kenneth Olsen
William Norris

For pioneering work with concepts and development of minicomputers.