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2011 IEEE-TCPP Outstanding Service Award - Call for Nominations

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2011 IEEE-TCPP Outstanding Service Award - Call for Nominations

The award recognizes an individual or a group of individuals in the
broader community who have made major professional service contribution
to the parallel, distributed and high-performance computing community.
Contributions can be (but not limited to): volunteer role in
professional meetings (TCPP sponsored as well as others), organizing
journals, developing major events, developing community resources, and
international outreach. The contribution is not limited to 2011 calendar
year. The nomination should include a brief summary of the service
contribution, name, current affiliation and contact information.

The 2011 awards committee consists of
Jack Dongarra, Viktor Prasanna, Yves Robert (Chair),
Sartaj Sahni, H.J. Siegel, Mateo Valero, and Albert Zomaya.
Please email the nomination(s) to Prof. Yves Robert at by April 10, 2012.

Ajay Gupta

Professor of Computer Science and
Graduate Program Director and
Director, Wireless Sensornets Laboratory
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI 49008-5466, USA