Is Our Trust 'Intensely Misplaced'?Learn the Truth

21 October 2014, San Jose, Calif.


Visit the Spectrum Between Discovery and Damage with Grady Booch.

21 October, San Jose, California


Find Your Place in the $300 Billion Big Data New World! 



Don't Let Big Data Analytics Bog You Down

Everyone says this is the era of big data analytics. But what does that mean to you and your business? Can you really ask questions of massive amounts of data and get actionable answers? How far can you trust big data analytics when consequences could have extensive ethical and financial impact on you as well as on global populations and businesses?
Find the answers you need at IEEE Computer Society's Rock Stars of Big Data Analytics – the one event that brings together the experts who ask the tough questions and give you the realistic answers.
Can you use big data analytics to respond to changing business conditions?
Can you really predict future outcomes?
Can you make decisions based on 100 percent data rather than instinct?
Can you trust the answers you get?
Can you protect your data?
The Rock Stars have been there and done that. They share experiences, case histories, and real actionable data in a day packed with networking, problem-solving, exhibits, food, and generally mind-blowing ideas.

Rock Stars of Big Data Analytics has concluded. Visit our main Rock Stars event page for news of future events.


Here's just a sample of speakers who will be sharing their knowledge and expertise at the Rock Stars of Big Data Analytics conference:

  • Grady Booch, Chief Scientist of Software Engineering, IBM
  • Greg Arnold, Data Infrastructure Engineering Director, LinkedIn
  • Chris Pouliot, VP Lyft, Netflix Former Director of Analytics
  • Guido Schroeder, Senior Vice President of Products, Splunk
  • Matthew Denesuk, Chief Data Science Officer, GE Software
  • Mark Davis, Distinguished Engineer, Dell
  • Mike Rosenbaum, CEO, Catalyst IT Services
  • Satyam Priyadarshy, Chief Data Scientist, Halliburton
  • David Jackson, Founder and CTO, Adaptive Computing
  • Panel: "How Far Can We Trust Big Data Analytics?" Featuring Mike Ames, Director of Analytics, Product Management, and Hadoop Strategy, SAS; Dan McClary, Principal Product Manager for Big Data and Hadoop, Oracle; and industry analyst Stuart Williams as moderator.



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