Policies & Procedures Manual and Operations Handbooks

Updated June 2015



The Professional Activities Board provides leadership in the Society for activities related to the professional activities of practitioners engaged in disciplines such as computer engineering, computer science, information technology, information systems, and software engineering.


The PAB Chair is the IEEE Computer Society Vice President for Professional Activities. Members of the PAB shall be members of the Computer Society and shall be encouraged to be members of the IEEE. Members may vote immediately upon appointment.

25.2.1 Liaison Representatives

The membership of the PAB shall include up to 13 members appointed by the vice president for professional activities. In addition, the society representative to the IEEE-USA Licensure and Registration Committee shall be a member of the board, ex officio, with vote.  The vice president for professional activities is encouraged to seek appropriate representation taking into consideration the active areas of industry focus, relations to other Computer Society and IEEE organizational units, and geographical areas involved in related activities.

25.2.2  Liaison Representatives

Vice presidents and standing committee chairs may each appoint a single liaison representative to serve as an ex officio member, with vote, of the PAB.


The PAB is responsible for formulating policies and practices with respect to the society's role in the development and support of professional disciplines such as computer engineering, computer science, information technology, information systems, and software engineering; including body of knowledge characterization, competencies, ethics, performance norms, and terminology. It shall recommend, evaluate, initiate, and nurture programs, products, and services to serve practitioners and their employers. In pursuit of the second goal, the PAB shall work closely with the Educational Activities Board (EAB).


The PAB Chair shall:

1. Maintain the PAB membership list.

2. Appoint Members-at-Large as provided by the bylaws.

3. Appoint chairs and members of standing committees of the PAB, unless otherwise provided.

4. Appoint liaison representatives to appropriate committees and other organizations of the IEEE.

5. Appoint liaison representatives to other program boards and committees of the IEEE Computer Society, as provided by the bylaws.

6. Prepare annual IEEE Computer Society PAB budget and, after approval by the Board of Governors, supervise its execution.

7. Create ad hoc committees to the PAB and appoint their membership and chairs.

8. Carry out other delegated and assigned responsibilities.


25.5.1 Standing Committees Certification Committee

The Certification Committee shall plan, direct, and administer the certification programs offered by the IEEE Computer Society. The Certification Committee shall present annual budgets, including examination fees and examination frequencies, to the Board of Governors for approval. The Certification Committee will maintain test materials, administer the recertification program, identify topic areas not covered by the certification examination, recommend necessary changes to existing examinations, and recommend termination or development of the examination. The Certification Committee will also review the certification programs once every four years.

The Certification Committee shall create and maintain a Certification Handbook, which sets forth procedures for the operation of the Certification Committee and the Society's certification programs. The Certification Committee may modify its procedures without Board of Governors approval provided that its procedures are consistent with society and IEEE policies and procedures and approved by the PAB. However, any change to certification program procedures shall be published in the Agenda Book prepared for the next Board of Governors meeting following the change The chair of the Certification Committee is responsible for ensuring that a copy of the then-current handbook is distributed to the PAB and the Board of Governors at the beginning of each calendar year.

The Certification Committee shall consist of seven members, determined in accordance with the Certification Handbook.  The officers of the committee shall be a chair, vice chair, and secretary, determined in accordance with the Certification Handbook. Professional Activities Planning Committee

The chair of the Professional Activities Planning Committee shall be appointed by the PAB Chair. The committee membership shall consist of the chair of the Certification Committee as a voting member and up to seven additional voting members appointed by the PAB Chair.

The Professional Activities Planning Committee shall study, evaluate, and recommend new programs within the PAB scope. In particular, the Committee shall recommend programs to deal with specific professional disciplines. Upon approval by the PAB and by the Society's Board of Governors, a new discipline-specific committee shall be formed if necessary and designated to conduct programs in the newly designated discipline. The Committee shall undertake other assignments as specified by the PAB. Appeals Panel

Whenever needed, an Appeals Panel shall be appointed by the Professional Activities Board, and shall consist of not fewer than three nor more than five members. All of the Appeals Panel members must be IEEE Computer Society certificate holders in good standing. At least one member should not be a member of the Certification Committee. The appeals process shall be described in the Certification Handbook. Discipline-specific Committees

A standing committee is to be created whenever the Society decides to initiate work within a particular professional discipline. The committee will make recommendations to PAB regarding programs in the particular discipline. The chair and members of such committees are appointed by the PAB Chair and serve on an annual basis. When appropriate, a liaison relationship with an appropriate Technical Council should be established.

Upon the creation of the PAB, a Software Engineering Committee shall be established to make recommendations to the PAB regarding programs in software engineering. Other Committees

Other standing and ad hoc committees may be created by action of the PAB. Unless otherwise provided by the action of the PAB, the chair and the members of any committee are appointed by the PAB Chair and serve on an annual basis.


Responsibility for the development, maintenance, and deployment of IEEE Computer Society products intended to prepare individuals for IEEE Computer Society certification examinations rests with the Educational Activities Board. The PAB Chair shall take appropriate steps to ensure that liaison is maintained while ethical separation is assured.