Policies & Procedures Manual and Operations Handbooks

Updated July 2016



The Research Advisory Board (RAB) is an external advisory body that provides guidance and review of the Society's engagement with the research community, formed in accordance with Article XII of the Bylaws.

The purpose of the RAB is to help the Society build its relevance to researchers in computer science, computer engineering, and related fields, by serving as an advisory body to guide the development of Society products and services relevant to the research audience and by reviewing the Society’s plans that engage researchers. The RAB will also assist in the dissemination of the Society’s information to the research community.


27.2.1  Qualifications

RAB members must be committed researchers who lead in the creation of new knowledge and technologies related to computer hardware, software, and systems. The RAB will maintain a membership drawn from diverse backgrounds including both academic and industry researchers. The RAB membership will reflect the global nature of the computing research community.

RAB members cannot be current members of the Board of Governors, with the exceptions noted in Section 27.2.3.

27.2.2  Selection Process

Any member of the RAB can sponsor a nomination for membership. Calls for nominations will be made when RAB membership falls below seven persons, or if the group agrees to expand the population. Nominations will be accepted throughout the year.

One month prior to a scheduled RAB meeting, all nominees must submit a two-page biography to the RAB to enable consideration of the nomination.

Membership will be determined by vote of the current RAB membership. Voting on nominations may occur electronically. In order for a motion to pass under either procedure, the number of ballots received by the secretary must be equal to a majority (greater than 50%) of the number of franchised members of the RAB, and the number of affirmative ballots must be a majority of the ballots cast.

27.2.3  Society Representatives

The President and the Executive Director will be non-voting members of the RAB. This will provide a direct link between the RAB and the Society governing body.

27.2.4  Term Limits and Participation

There is no term limit for RAB participation. Members must actively participate to help guide and develop Society products and services.  To remain active, members must participate in at least one meeting per year.


27.3.1 Chair

The RAB Chair shall be elected by a majority of its voting members. The Chair shall serve a term of two years. The Chair shall: (a) work with the Society President and Executive Director to obtain agreement on topics and issues to be addressed by the RAB; (b) establish the agenda for regular meetings; (c) facilitate RAB meetings and discussions; (d) ensure that results of RAB activities are communicated to the Society; and (e) report annually to the Board of Governors on the activities of the RAB.

27.3.2 Secretariat

The Society shall provide an RAB Secretariat function. The Secretariat shall: (a) assist the Chair in the organization and scheduling of meetings; (b) record and publish minutes of each meeting; (c) create and maintain the RAB membership roster; and (d) be responsible for the management and distribution of RAB documentation.


27.4.1  Topics and Agenda

The RAB will operate by developing advice and recommendations to the Society on selected topics of interest. These topics will be Society current needs and/or RAB areas of interest. Thus, topics will be identified in one of two ways:

(1) The RAB originates an idea and develops a recommended course of action for the Society (e.g., recommendation for a new product or service offering), or

(2) The Society brings ideas and topics to the RAB for review and comment (e.g., draft Society strategic plans).

In either case, the RAB and the Executive Committee will jointly agree on the topics or ideas to be developed because it is important that the areas selected are both of interest to the RAB and potentially of significant value to the Society. It is anticipated that the RAB will provide recommendations on two to three topics annually.
Final recommendations in a topic area will be reviewed by all RAB and both majority and minority (if there is no consensus) opinions will be communicated to the Society.
27.4.2  Meetings
The RAB shall hold regular meetings two times annually. The Chair may organize special meetings if necessary to address special topics of a time-critical nature. It is anticipated that subcommittees may hold additional meetings (in addition to electronic collaboration) to develop draft recommendations.  It is recommended that RAB members' organizations shall support the cost of member attendance.
27.4.3  Reporting
The RAB Chair shall deliver a summary report on RAB activities to the Board of Governors annually.
27.4.4  Confidentiality
To fulfill its purpose, the RAB must receive information proprietary to the Society, including advanced plans and strategies. The RAB shall hold such information in the strictest confidence and shall not disseminate such information without the expressed consent of the Executive Committee. The Society shall clearly identify any proprietary or other sensitive information that is disclosed to the RAB.