Policies & Procedures Manual and Operations Handbooks

Updated November 2016



The Fellows Committee chair shall be appointed by the president-elect in July for a one year term.  The president-elect shall appoint one or more vice chairs upon the recommendation of the chair. The chair and vice chairs over the years shall be chosen from different technical areas in the Computer Society's fields of interest. The chair shall determine the number of committee members required to meet IEEE requirements for Fellows evaluations.  All members of the Fellow Committee, including the chair and vice chairs, shall be IEEE Fellows.

16.1.1 Appointment of Members

The chair shall start the selection and appointment process of the members of the committee no later than October and complete the process no later than January of the following year. Appointing members of the committee as early as possible is critical since they may not nominate or serve as references for any candidate to be evaluated by the committee.

16.1.2 Appointment of Area Chairs

The chair shall appoint area chairs from among the committee members to manage evaluations in a particular technical area. Area chairs shall provide advice to the chair and vice chairs on committee member assignments, shall monitor the evaluation submissions, and shall review the final evaluation forms for completeness and consistency. Area chairs shall assist the chair and vice chairs with the final ranking of Fellow candidates.  

16.1.3 Coverage of Technical Scope

Committee members who serve as evaluators of Fellow candidates should be chosen so that as a group they provide sufficient coverage of current technical topics likely to match with the expertise of current Fellow candidates.  In selecting the evaluators, the chair is strongly encouraged to seek recommendations from the Society's vice presidents and technical committee chairs.

16.1.4 Balance of Background

Members of the committee should have a diverse background of experience so that candidates in all Fellow categories such as Application Engineer/Practitioner, Educator, etc. may be fairly evaluated.

16.1.5 Length of Service

No member of the committee, including the chair and vice chairs, shall serve for more than three consecutive years in any capacity.


The IEEE Computer Society Fellows Committee shall evaluate Fellow candidates' technical expertise and recommend candidates to the IEEE Fellows Committee.

16.2.1 Responsibilities of Committee Members

Committee members must determine whether the work of each candidate is recognized and considered outstanding in the field of activity of the IEEE Computer Society.  Second, they must provide a succinct statement of the candidate's outstanding contribution which qualifies him/her for Fellow grade.  Third, they must rate the candidate's contributions relative to the contributions of IEEE Fellows.

The IEEE Computer Society Fellows Committee shall limit its evaluation to the technical contribution of the candidate.  Other contributions, such as professional activities, are taken into account by the IEEE Fellow Committee.  The Fellow Committee members do not receive the Fellow Grade Reference Forms (B-29) completed by the referees.  These forms are used by the IEEE Fellow Committee.  However, evaluators may solicit the opinion of experts (including the referees) in the field for which the candidate is cited.

16.2.2 Responsibilities of Chair

The chair shall be responsible for assigning committee members to evaluate nominations in their areas of technical expertise and experience.  The chair shall be responsible for merging the evaluators'  input into a coherent whole, and for making the final decision on content of the B-3 evaluation forms.  The chair shall conduct a meeting of the vice chairs and area chairs to review the initial ranking of all candidates. With the advice of the vice chairs and area chairs, the chair shall decide if numerical ranking should be changed, or if he/she should obtain additional evaluations for individual candidates,  The chair shall provide final ranking and evaluations to the IEEE Fellows Committee by mid-June.  The committee chair shall send a report to the society president and the chief staff executive by 30 June of each year. The report shall contain a summary of the Fellows Committee review process and nomination submissions.


Each year the chair and vice chairs shall determine the calendar of Fellows Committee deadlines for assignment of  nominations to committee members for evaluation, initial ranking of candidates and final ranking of candidates, and communicate the calendar to the Fellows Committee. 
Recommended Fellows Evaluation Process Calendar 


President-elect appoints chair


Chair receives committee guidelines and IEEE Computer Society PPM section from Society staff. President-elect appoints vice chairs.


Identification of potential committee members is started by chair and vice chairs.


Process to confirm committee members  is initiated by chair and vice chairs. .


Chair submits information about Fellows program to be published in society communications and website.


Selection of committee members is completed.

Early March

Nominations due to IEEE Fellows Committee.

Early to mid April

Evaluation forms made available for Society Fellow Committee review by IEEE. chair and vice chairs assign nominations to committee members.

Mid-to-late May

Evaluations completed by committee members. Area chairs review the evaluations for completeness and consistency, and provide recommendations to the chair and vice chairs on the initial score of candidates.

Late May

Initial rankings of all candidates sent to vice chairs and area chairs by chair.

Early June

Chair, vice chairs, and area chairs meet to review initial ranking of candidates.  Vice chairs and area chairs provide guidance to chair about changes in numerical rankings.

15 June

Final rankings and evaluations submitted to IEEE Fellows Committee by chair.

30 June

Report with summary of the Fellows Committee review process and nomination submissions submitted to president and chief staff executive by chair.